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Liz Nicklus

April 21, 2010

Mosaic Murals: How to Tackle Large-scale Installations
By Carl B. Johnson and Liz Nicklus
Printed in the United States of America
First Printing: April 2010
ISBN: 1451548257
EAN-13: 9781451548259

Carl B. Johnson and Liz Nicklus announce the release of their new book, Mosaic Murals: How to Tackle Large-scale Installations.

Liz Nicklus and Carl B. Johnson are Independent Artist Studios (IndependentArtistStudios.com). Together they create and install innovative public and corporate art. Their installations are located in hospitals, senior housing complexes, public buildings and colleges.

In this book, Liz and Carl take the reader on a journey, discussing the ins and outs of large-scale architectural mosaic mural installations. It is an educational journey for both layman and professional alike - providing the beginner with a complete tutorial on materials and process, and giving the professional tips and insight.

This book is also a handy reference for the architectural designer looking for unique alternatives or ideas for incorporating public art into an overall design. Mosaic Murals - How to tackle large-scale installations will give beginner and professional alike helpful information for tackling those jobs that you thought were too big!

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